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Puppy Parents

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Ruger - Standard Poodle - AKC, (Sire), is extraordinary. He is very intelligent, his bloodline coming from the Russian Circus show dogs. They breed only the best of the best. Ruger is a stunning chocolate, we call him our Bob Marley because of his sun-faded topknot. He has been a great house pet and easily trained. He has a wonderful disposition about him. He has been protective of our family since he was a puppy, and very good with our small children. 



Rover - Bernese Mountain Dog - He is such a BIG softy!! He is such a handsome boy with a wonderful disposition. The kids love playing and loving on him. Rover loves playing with his Poodle friends. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. We love him dearly. He is always the first to greet us when we get home, and waiting for his pettings.


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Rena - Standard Poodle - AKC, UABR (our dam), is so sweet. She, as well, has been our house pet and very protective since the day we brought her home. We instantly knew she would make a wonderful dog. She is considered a light red, with very soft, fine hair. She has a sweet temperament about her, and a wonderful disposition. She's been great with our children, and a perfect fit for our home.



Cedar - Standard Poodle - AKC, (Sire), is such a sweetheart. He has a direct champion bloodline. Cedar has a beautiful coat of white with red patches and a red topknot. His ears are red and blend to black. His true color identity is White Sable. He also has the black eyeliner, which I love about him! Cedar has a very sweet disposition, and loves to be groomed. What a plus, I know!! He is gentle and loves to hang out in the house. We love him dearly.