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Swan Field Farms raises Standard Poodles & Doodles.


Swan Field Farms is a family passion!
We feel great privilege that we are able to share our love for Poodles & Labradoodles not only with each other, but with our children as well. At Swan Field Farms, our children are a vital key to our successful puppy socialization program. Another important element that sets us apart from the majority of other breeders, is that we keep our numbers low. This allows everyone to be a “house dog”. We feel this is a must in keeping happy and healthy companions, plus allowing us to focus our attention to each and every one of our dogs’ needs.

Our Philosophy
We strive to only breed as close as possible to AKC standards , and to maintain a breeding program which lowers the incidence of breed orthopedic and genetic disorders. We are always evolving as Poodle and Labradoodle breeders, and have great aspirations in positively contributing to these breeds we hold so dear to our hearts. With constant ongoing breed genetic study and pedigree research, we are confident that our breeding program will assist in maintaining and improving breed lines.

We have a lot of love for our pets, expecting nothing less from their new forever homes ♥
— The Clarks
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Happy Clients